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Kids Math

kids Math apk mode is like educational game that teaches children between age 1 and 6 activities like to learn numbers, addition of numbers, subtraction of numbers and many more like that. To encourage the children such informative and interesting games and apps should be introduced on daily basis.

This app has many mini games for toddlers and play group kids so that they can learn basic math in interesting way. They will love to play with this. By playing these games children improve their mathematic skills. By playing with this free game your child can enjoy, play and learn at the same time.


kids math

Properties for math kids players

  • In this game kids can improve their mathematics skills. Its formation enhanced the ability of kids.
  • Math kids enable the learners to count the numbers on early level by adding them.
  • In this game students can count and compare the numbers so that they can learn which number is smaller and which greater.
  • In this funny game kids play with puzzles by dragging them and solving the problems.
  • By playing addition quiz your child learning capacity increase.
  • By playing subtraction quiz and puzzles your child can improve his skills.
  • Like every game this game also consists of levels. There are tough 10 levels for players to compete with it.


kids math




  • Kids math help kids to compete with different operations such addition of numbers, subtraction, division and multiplying numbers.
  • Kids math is a way for kids to get practice math operations. By this fun challenging game student can learn a lot of things.
  • This game consists of automatic timer set up which count the time of problem solving of different tasks. And how much time it takes to complete the tasks.
  • A great number of puzzles also offered by this game by different types of categories.

Easy way to convince your kids

It is not necessary for kids to start up their preschool education early so that they can learn their basic education. The basic purpose of early school education for kids is that they can learn alphabets, counting and basics of Urdu. By using these educational gaming apps you can develop confidence and encourage the ability of learning for kids at home.

This app named as kids math is a free learning app for early learners. This game is developed to teach numbers and basic mathematic skills. Due to its amazing features kids will love to play and learn.


kids math




In this game kids can learn and play at the same time by this method they can recall the information. They can learn in most efficient way and frequently. It acts like a booster to start their early education. By monitoring from parents its features can improve the child ability and progress. You can edit the difficulty level of this game and to check previous scores. So in short this game gives perfect foundation level education to your child.

 Final words

This game helps your kid a head start in mathematics to get first rank. The main purpose behind this game is that kids can play and engage with learning at the same time. They will become master in early mathematic education. This game is for kids aged between 2 to 6 years old who can learn basics.

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