GB Whatsapp

What is GB whatsapp?

Now days a lot of apps are used such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, and many more. But whatsapp is more common, popular in use the reason behind this is its characteristics. But now 1st copy of whatsapp come known as GB Whatsapp with advanced characters. Now we discuss MOD whatsapp known as GB Whatsapp used more due to its extra features. The reason behind this app is that its advanced properties and fantastic features. There are different mod of whatsapp but GB Whatsapp is the best one you can get for your android smartphone. This mod having much more advantages. Although this is not available on Google play store or any other app. GB Whatsapp having all the boosted features and properties more than original whatsapp.


App titleGB whatsapp APK
Size51 MB
Android version4.3 and more
Last update29 November 2021
downloads6000000 and more
App rootNot required
App purposeExtra properties of MOD whatsapp



Properties of GB whatsapp

  • Automatic response : you can auto reply any contact any time if you want.
  • DND (do not disturb) feature : if you are using any other app and do not want to disturbed by GB Whatsapp then turn on this feature.
  • Filter texts : user can also filter the messages with clear chat option.
  • Sharing live location : you can share your live location from anywhere.
  • Better effects : you can share your content such as snaps and video with better effects and resolution.
  • Broad casting text messages : broad cast messages can be shared in groups is great facility
  • Anti-revoke message property : you can use this feature also
  • Deleting multiple messages : in a single time you can delete a lot of data with one click.
  • Multiple themes : a large number of emojis and themes are available for use according to your own preference.
  • Sending a lot of snaps : you can share more than +90 images to your contact in a single time.


Length of words for statusmore than 140 words onlymore than 255 words
Documents sharing in single time30 documents100 documents
Media sharing device15 MB only50 MB
Hiding last seenNoYes
Copy statusNoYes
Document sharing in pdf and text formatNoYes
Online status hideNoYes
Status downloadingNoYes
Airplane modeNoYes
Auto replyNoYes
Forwarded tags disabledNoYes
Completely customizedNoYes
Supported themesNoYes
Freeze the last seenNoYes


  • Status downloader :you can download the uploaded status of your contact which may be in the form of images or videos.
  • Best fonts : you can customize your favorite font style according to your choice.
  • Revoke texts history : contacts and groups history can be checked by this feature.
  • Improved snaps quality : with this version you can send high resolution images to your contacts
  • Status hiding : you can hide your status according to your choice.
  • Selection of all chats : in this app you can select all chat in a single time.
  • Marked unread messages: you can mark unread messages from notifications.
  • Notify while changing the profile pictures of contacts : you can allow this feature to get notification when anyone changes his profile photo.
  • Language feature : by using default lost you can select the language according to you.
  • Hiding pop up notification : you can hide it from main screen.

Demands for GB Whatsapp

  • Wi-Fi connection or data connection is required
  • Gallery access (photos, videos)
  • Device location required
  • Access to device contacts
  • External storage required
  • Device identification


How to get GB Whatsapp

The process of downloading and installing APK mode of GBWhatsapp is easy and step by step. First of all you need storage space for APK file. First of all you need to backup the official whatsapp account then Uninstall it. After that in setting tab go for security and allow unknown sources. Then click on downloading the APK file. When download complete install the APK file. This app is launched in your device. Finally log in your account to enjoy remarkable features of GB whatsapp.

Key features for GB Whatsapp apk mode

  • Usage of GB whatsapp is very easy
  • Downloading of GB whatsapp is free
  • You can easily pin more than three contacts
  • You can easily backup your previous record
  • You can star your important data
  • You can easily record the audio calls
  • You can listen voice message by increasing the speed
  • Easily mute any chat or group
  • You can also avail the facility of high GB data receiving and sending
  • Large amount of stickers, emojis and GIFs available
  • Privacy and lock facility is also available
  • All features can be achieved without any cost
  • You can change video player according to your choice
  • High resolution pictures can be sent


Final verdicts

in above article you can study the detailed content of GB Whatsapp and hope that you will loved it. GB Whatsapp can work like original whatsapp with additional features. It supply the user security plans like official whatsapp. Share it with your friends and family. I hope that you love its features and not face any issue. As this app has same security lisence as original official app. Download the app from the link given below and enjoy its outstanding features.

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