Galaxy Attack

Galaxy Attack as Alien Shooter

This Galaxy Attack mod apk helps players to fight against the crowd of alien attackers with the help of space scrolling shooter to save humanity. To compete with the crew of a spaceship, the player can stand for the defense of the planet and reflect the opponent’s attack. When you successful compete, then you are allowed to upgrade your weapons for better standby with enemies. At the end of every level players are able to achieve the bonus so that you can update your weapons to make it more powerful.


galaxy attack


Galaxy Attack mod apk alien shooter is developed by onesoft publisher. There is an updated version that provides many visual and other improvements. When you destroy aliens spaceship you will be a hero. This upgraded version of game is like legendary invaders as it is based on old version but consist of many visual improvements.

Galaxy Attack consists of many fantasies to describe the future of world. Now it’s the era of modern technologies so people can explore spacecraft and easily move towards this. So aliens creature are followed by infinite threats. So it helps human to save from them. Then you can prevent the attack of aliens from space. So you can destroy your enemies by combating the spacecraft to bring peace of mind. Then you can save earth and galaxy both from monsters.

How to play Galaxy Attack mod apk

You can combat with aliens by simply touching the screen. You can kill and destroy the enemies by using the spacecraft gun. Moreover remember to collect your upgraded items and transform your weapons. So this gameplay named as Galaxy Attack is not too much complicated and easy to control.

Moreover easy control option does not mean that it can be easily win. You are opposed in front of aliens like  enemies. These enemies are stronger, violent and gradually crowded. In addition to this the environment of space is difficult and dangerous for players. If you want to play smartly then collect spoils from aliens who help players to upgrade firepower and many other shields.


galaxy attack




Upgrade new spacecraft

When you upgrade your weapons of Galaxy Attack mod apk, it will helps you to compete against effectiveness of damaged weapons. Moreover in this game players are rewarded with more effective and modern spacecraft which help you to fight in a different and unique style. So in a result you can maximize your energy by spending a lot of coins.

Evaporation of spaceship

It is most important that if you collide with aliens your strong spaceship is damaged. If you get large amount of bullets from your enemies then it will evaporate your ship.

Series of missions

This Galaxy Attack provides a lot of mission series such as it includes 160 continuous levels having intense battle field. If you want to cross the level you have to compete with the boss. This extremely dangerous and risky weapons and boss style battle make it more attractive for the players. Moreover a lot of exciting missions allow you survive and show your dodging skills so that you can survive. After completing the missions you will receive coins, cannons and laser guns as a reward.


galaxy attack




3D graphics of Galaxy Attack mod apk

In Galaxy Attack alien shooter graphics are of high quality which provides the realistic way to play in a battlefield. When you use advanced weapons then battleship is more excited and super cool. So it helps to become more attractive than others.


  • Galaxy Attack mod apk has large variety of difficult levels
  • Straight forward, simple and most addictive gameplay
  • Certain buffs to increase power to your spaceships
  • Different amazing capabilities to compete with enemies
  • Competition with multiple enemies into epic battle
  • Enjoy the offline and online too
  • Endless enemies help to achieve absolute high score
  • Collection of daily awesome rewards
  • On progress special rewards and achievements are fun
  • Absolutely free to play Galaxy Attack

Final words

If you are interested in epic shooter game then Galaxy Attack is the best. In this epic shooter game you have to experience with intense enemies, level setups and many features to attract you. Unlocked features and free version is the reason that you cannot deny to play it.

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