Earn to Die


Earn to Die unblocked apk mod consist of many levels and stages though a drive. Be prepared for the exotic and gory experience of racing game so that when you drive using your vehicle through swarm of zombies in this terrible contest.

To turn your vehicle into zombie murder machine you have to pick up your items and to use them for crazy customization on your vehicle. This is regarded as addictive robotic game so you can use your all cars to complete the challenges with them. You also have multiple options to upgrade your car.


earn to die

Features of Earn to Die

  • Earn to die unblocked is like stretched mod that help players to drive through countries during zombie catastrophe.
  • There are eight different types of vehicles like school bus, racing car and truck also.
  • There are a lot of zombie variety available add them into your front bumper.
  • It is not complete to unlock your car you can upgrade it according to your choice when needed
  • The engine allows you to act a hostage and to crash in other peoples, escaping them by flying.
  • There are amazing animated sequences available.
  • Championship mode stimulate the fastest race
  • If you survived through zombie attack then in Halloween mode, you can smash through pumpkins

Story behind Earn to Die unblocked

In this apk mod players are survivors of dreadful experience that turn the survivors into zombies. By slow process these horrible zombies are turning into killing machines. First experience you have to escape from deserted land and then you are turned into airfield B.13 so that you can join the survivors for evacuation process. So don’t try to waste your time zombies are overwhelmed and not stay for too much time.

Then you can pick up your vehicle you got and then it is ready for escaping out. You can run your drive through trains and streets while playing through zombies who are ready to defeat you all the time.

Finest drive, action and upgrading

Earn to die unblocked is more than a racing game as compared to others. It is not enough to escape from terrible zombies.so you can earn coin to upgrade the vehicles, unlock all items and customize them according to your need. You can make your vehicle strongest by upgrading them and make them to compete with others. You can adjust guns and rockets with your vehicle.


earn to die




Remove the zombies with Earn to Die

There are different ways to escape from zombies attack so that you can stay alive and fight with them. When you start the game powerful confrontation will start. In this game you are surrounded by bloody zombies. When you came across them they are present without food for a long period of time. With your vehicle and coins your mission is to compete with zombies so you can stay alive and save your life.

New story modes available

The storyline of this game updated in a great way because thrilling stories are causing to bore you. New complete and prolonged story is upgraded. So you will drive through the country to compete with zombies. Mysteries and thrilling experience are waiting for you

Upgrade all the galore

In earn to die one vehicle is not enough for fighting against terrible zombies. You have to need large amount of equipment and weapons in support of you. It is not enough to unlock a vehicle you have to customize it with different upgraded equipment. So be wise and smart choose the right vehicle for you with necessary items.


earn to die




Different types of upgraded vehicles

In this game you have a lot of fun and wonderful experience so if you want to win the war then equip the vehicle in a good manner. When you start the game you have different 8 types of vehicles you are free to choose between them. Every car has its own properties. So you have to be careful to choose your vehicle for fighting.

3D graphics of Earn to Die

In addition to other features one of the main reasons to play and love this game is that there are beautiful graphics three dimensional and wonderful animations present. It makes you the wonderful and attractive experience so that you cannot give up.

Large number of zombies 

If you have an empty track then it will not make it interested than you have obstacles on the track. Bunch of zombies are present on the track so they act like obstacle. If you crash them you can introduce into the bumper of your car.


Earn to die introduce more intense and powerful soundtrack with impactful audio effects. Players will completely enjoy this game. So download and enjoy it.

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