Dead trigger 2


In zombie game series dead trigger 2 is its second game. This second part of game is perfectly upgraded version so that sounds, graphics quality, unlimited money gold, unlocked weapons, energy and other problems are solved which were present in previous version. The potential of this game is high although this is an old game.

Due to its best graphic designing this game received award in 2012. This is the mod version of game with a different style due to its unique properties. The main advantage of this game is that you don’t have to wait to complete the round or levels because unlocked complete game is available in this version. All suits and weapons are freely available in this version you don’t have to buy anything or weapons. This mod version having no ads so that you will never interrupted by advertisements. Unlimited zombie shooters are available.


dead trigger 2

Dead trigger 2

The perfect and realistic graphics provide charming, attractive experience to play this game with smooth mechanics. You can enjoy the horror and terror environment at the same time in this version. The monsters that appear in front of you will die at the end otherwise your end will take place. Undead and horror zombies would not go down easily.

You have to be perfect and precise in each level. Horror zombies may appear from any side if you won’t be careful you will become the infected one and become the undead also. When you choose best weapons, best characters and defeat bosses you have to eliminate the zombies so that you can save your community.

A lot of interesting levels and missions are available so that you can enjoy and reach on last level. To make your name in the history of this game you have to play and win the tournaments. When you play this game on regular basis you can learn the secrets of this game. You can unlock different blueprints and play online with your friends.


  • A lot of new tournaments available to be played
  • Amusing wonderful graphics available
  • Shoot the massive horror zombie
  • Epic action are source of entertainment
  • kill horror zombies and scary undead
  • Chance to be a hero and save the people
  • Three dimensional graphics with high resolution
  • 1st person shooting game
  • Huge story line
  • More than 70 powerful weapons available
  • Easily controllable
  • Offline and online versions available
  • Large maps and locations available
  • Best user interface available
  • Optimization rate of game is high
  • Guidance by experts to get new weapons
  • More advanced features weapons available
  • Story development available
  • Rewards in result of difficulties


dead trigger 2




How to get it

This action game can be downloaded on version of 5.0 android and more

Download the app on link below

Click on install button to install this app

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How to play Dead Trigger 2

Deadly infection spreading all over the people and causing a huge transformation by the aim to eliminate the humans from world. To overcome this battle it’s a best opportunity to end the zombie from world. The game is dominated by a large number of players with more missions. So after fighting with more powerful weapons the illustration turn over. The condition of globe is more clear and excellent.


dead trigger 2





Dead trigger 2 is the top listed zombie apocalypse game. The horror and thrilling action of this game will amuse you to play and cannot stop play this game. Dead trigger 2 is perfect in its character line such as graphics, weapons, controls, levels and many more. So what are you waiting download the link and enjoy your time.

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