CarX Highway Racing


The game named as CarX highway racing develop next level graphics with best quality images. So it effects on its best to the players with wonderful experience. As its name shows highway racing which experience the players to race with high traffic density and dangerous environment.

But there is no speed limit. There are a lot of factors due to this game is more diverse and having best experience with players. When you play this highway racing game you experience the most thrilling racing game ever. It provides the fierce chases to the player to get rid of normal and usual rules.


carx highway racing

Important points

  • Fast speed and intense highway racing platform
  • Customize racing vehicles with extra features
  • High sensitive and flowing control
  • Daily challenges with exotic events
  • 3D graphics available


App nameCar X highway racing
CategoryRacing Game
SourceGoogle play store
App size570MB
RequirementAndroid version 5.0
PublisherCarX technologies
Latest version1.74.3


Explanation of fast-paced racing game

The racing platform of this game is more complex and dangerous than the other usual racing games. This critical factor made it different from whole gameplay. This carX highway develops an efficient and smooth racing system to the players so that it helps in most flowing and refreshing concept. Due to this reason apk mode of this game is exotic and rich to develop an exciting atmosphere for players.

If any player perform with dangerous conditions then he will rewarded by extra points. According to the racing ability scoring system is introduced according to the performance. As player have to play on highway all the time so to avoid from accidents are difficult depending on the ability.

Customized vehicles fall behind the game control system which player welcome for racing platform. Player can create vehicle according to customized system such as freakish content like dramatic expression changing and many more according to its need. According to the player performance it can improve the compatible parts required for specific features.

Highway is regarded as dangerous platform but in carX highway, it has sensitive controls and many other options. Depending on player choice and style player can customize the rules and regulations for the better experience. By this way player can be ranked first place. On the other hand motion effects of vehicle create vivid effect and realistic frame to enhance the value of game.

The daily challenging tasks and events are new for the players so that they are not suitable for primary levels. For a limited time players have ability to control vehicles and to show their skills by completing the challenges. So players get high quality rewards that are not available for basic levels.


carx highway racing




Every scene in carX highway racing consists of great visual effects and high 3D graphics. In weak devices or slow signals it is not suitable to show the realistic effect. Clear graphic designing provide more vivid environment so that player can enjoy on the road.

Modes of Highway car racing

The most important mode is that you have to play against six cars. You have to be number one at the finishing line as compared to others. Secondly you have to knock out all the vehicles that are chasing your way as soon as possible. So in this mode racing highway looked like a fierce battlefield. Third you can play with multiplayers from all over the world to be rank on no1 on international level.

How to play Mobile racing simulator

It is so simple to play like you can control your vehicle by pressing the left and right clicks. There is no need to accelerate the car this is an automatic feature. If you want to increase the nitro functions just click on the icon. To change the view angle of camera touch the screen with corresponding icon.


carx highway racing




Final words

CarX highway is regarded as perfect 3d graphic racing game for the race lovers and for those who want to drive on highways with best expensive cars. There are many new features and activities for the players to enhance their entertainment. As compared to other racing games which are difficult to control carX highway is more reliable and easy to understand.

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